Stone Italiana’s Main Quartz Collection

Quartz Based Stone is the name chosen by Stone Italiana for its main product range, composed of approximately 93% silica particles, in the form of quartz or sand.

Years after years, hundreds of thousands of square metres of quartz based stone have been manufactured and this longstanding experience has enabled us to manufacture slabs as large as 140 x 305 cm, in increasingly smaller thicknesses. In addition to a choice of innovative colours and textures, our large-format slabs open up new opportunities for use in a variety of applications, without the restrictions imposed by smaller formats. However, what really sets our product apart is its outstanding performance, thanks to technical features such as excellent resistance to acids, abrasion and wear. Through all of these features, our quartz based surfaces have become the favourite choice for a wide range of applications, such as high foot-traffic floors, kitchen countertops, vanity tops and all types of custom work.

Technical features

Quartz Group 1

Blank Ecru Pitti Terraghiaccio

Quartz Group 2

Ash Imperiale 05 Grigio Milano Moro Parker
Torba Fango

Quartz Group 3

Base Calle Chocolat Cristal Cream Cristal White
Greige Polo Taupe Mais10 Virgo

Quartz Group 4

Glass Lido Greenbell Pittiperla Poloperla

Quartz Group 5 – Brillante

Brillante Bruno Brillante Classico Brillante Vivo Brillante Bianco Brillante Blu
Brillante Nero Brillante Nobile

Quartz Group 5 – Luce

Luce chiara Luce minima Luce nera Luce pura Luce viva

Quartz Group 6

Cardinal Orange08 Violet Superwhite

Quartz Group 7

Superblack Superblu Viola Glamour Verde Milano Red